Thursday, June 10, 2010

Jumbara PMR camp

well. we, the seniors build a small refreshing place. We slept there, talked there and played there. Here's a picture when we were trying to sleep ;) in the back it's yosua, from the left side : leo, me, noni, christie, yuli

me, christie, monica, yuli- actually i don't understand why christie turn back her body ^^

the seniors - yessica, noni, leo, me, christie, yuli
We were at the "sing-a-song" stand. We have to help our teachers (Mr. PC and Mam. Susie) at that stand. It was so fun actually :) we kept singing and singing all the time.

at TRUCK - christie, me - we went to Cibubur with THIS THING! :( Luckily, we went back home by my car. hehehe

well that's my camping. It was at Cibubur 7-8 June. I spend 2 days and 1 night with my friends. Actually, i and my friends were the seniors who have to help our juniors at the camp. I'm sooo tired and having so much precious time :D


  1. It looks like you had a lot of fun! :D


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