Thursday, October 14, 2010

Love it ! M.O.D style

Hello..hello..helloo. huah. i haven't write post since last month! i'm so sorryy.. i was so busy this last days. And i've been interested on reading novel. I've just read "Glam Girls" novel edition. It's such a great story! i loveee it :) okayy, back to fashion now. Lol. In this post, i don't want to post about what i'm wearing but what "they're" wearing :D Just check this out. i love these "model-off-duty" outfits. in fact, these are kind of my style! Are these yours ? ^^

Friday, September 24, 2010

Double Awards

when i opened Clover's blog , i was surprised when i saw her post. She post that she just got an award, and i was happy for her. But, when i saw the list of the blogs that she gave this award, there's my name in it !! kyaa!! i'm soo happy, plus she also give me a friendship award. Thanks again Clover!! :)

This award comes with a few guidelines:

1/ Thank the blogger who gave me the award.
..thankyou soo much Clover from TreFoil . I loveee your posts and i love your dolly face ! :D

2/ Sum up your blogging philosophy, motivation, and experience using five words.
..friendships , fashion style, information, laughter, happiness

3/ Pass this on to other bloggers that you feel have a substance in their blogs.
..i give this award to :

Micky Lover

And i get Friendship award too, also from Clover :)

I have to list 10 things I like, and so have you^^

it's easy :
1. fashion style
2. shopping
3. barbie
4. pink
5. hang out with friends
6. magazines
7. music
8. blogging
9. movies in theatre
10. bali island

Friday, September 17, 2010

Sisters day out

Well, i went to mall with my sisters. We watched a Thailand movie - "Hello Stranger" . It's really really funny. Unfortunately the ending part is a bit confusing. But, you should watch it! you won't be regret at all!! :) Check this out ..

The movie that we watched. The actors are good looking and funny :D

denim dress - factory outlet , white tank top - ITC mangga dua , sneakers , yellow bag - yuan

my yoghurt was already finished :( so i really really want my sister's .LOL

then we both ate my sister's ;D

Well, in the mall it was pretty cold, so i add my maxi cardi or you can call it sweater ,whatev :) So, that's it . what do you thing ? have you watch the movie ? ^^

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Khaki Trousers

well, i was going to the mall from my church a few weekends ago. And i wore my new khaki trousers - that i've been looking for. I have no one to ask help to take a picture of me , full body :( so i took it in th fitting room . haha :D

what do you thing ?

white blazer - itc mangga dua
white belt - unknown
khaki trouser - glitter
gladiator from china
bag - bali
watch - raymond weil

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Vanessa Hudgens' style

Hi there. I'm soo sorry i haven't make a new post for a long time :( I don't have time and my week was busy with test, lessons, bla bla bla. Fortunately, now it's holiday time !!! woohoo :D

Actually, i have prepared many outfits of my own . But, i don't have the usb data to transfer the photos from my phone to the computer. Let's wait 'till Monday, and i'll post it :)
Now, let's check a girl that have a really nice style .. Vanessa Hudgens !

It's the same bag, but totally different when you choose different outfits ! love this .

Sandals on maxi, nice :)

Studded always eyecatching

Casual chic with glasses

Plated and colourful always match !
She's stylish, isn't she ? Let me know your opinion by leaving comments :) Have a good day !!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Relaxing Day

hi bloggers! first of all i wanna say HAPPY BIRTHDAY INDONESIA !! :) Today at school we only made a ceremony. And after that, we were free to go home. And, i do another knick-knacks with my family !! woohoo !! :D
so, we went to puri mall (again). We watched "The Last Airbender" . It's quite nice, but i prefer like the cartoon.

I wore a really simple outfits. Colourful Tshirt (ITC Mangga Dua), Cream hot pants (volcom) and small shoulder bag. Like a long clutch - don't know what to call it :)

I did a little shoppping too ! i bought a floral jumpsuit that i always want, and a printed legging.
The best part to close my hang out is ...... i went to jhonny andrean saloon !! i cut my hair and do a relaxing treatment to my hair. huaahh. FELT LIKE HEAVEN ! hihi.


Saturday, August 14, 2010

Knick-Knacks with family

well, as i've promised, now i'm gonna tell you my activity today. I went to mall with my family. And we watched a very very amazing action movies, The Expendables. It's so good, the effects, story and the guns. AMAZING!! you should watch it!

Well, now, what i was wearing today :)
- Orange Tank top (FO bandung)
- Black hotpants (ITC mangga dua)
- Whie cardigan
- Accesories (all from Bali)
- Cream shoulder bag (gift)
- Orange flat shoes (Kuala Lumpur)
what do you thing ? tell me your stories today :)