Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Relaxing Day

hi bloggers! first of all i wanna say HAPPY BIRTHDAY INDONESIA !! :) Today at school we only made a ceremony. And after that, we were free to go home. And, i do another knick-knacks with my family !! woohoo !! :D
so, we went to puri mall (again). We watched "The Last Airbender" . It's quite nice, but i prefer like the cartoon.

I wore a really simple outfits. Colourful Tshirt (ITC Mangga Dua), Cream hot pants (volcom) and small shoulder bag. Like a long clutch - don't know what to call it :)

I did a little shoppping too ! i bought a floral jumpsuit that i always want, and a printed legging.
The best part to close my hang out is ...... i went to jhonny andrean saloon !! i cut my hair and do a relaxing treatment to my hair. huaahh. FELT LIKE HEAVEN ! hihi.


Saturday, August 14, 2010

Knick-Knacks with family

well, as i've promised, now i'm gonna tell you my activity today. I went to mall with my family. And we watched a very very amazing action movies, The Expendables. It's so good, the effects, story and the guns. AMAZING!! you should watch it!

Well, now, what i was wearing today :)
- Orange Tank top (FO bandung)
- Black hotpants (ITC mangga dua)
- Whie cardigan
- Accesories (all from Bali)
- Cream shoulder bag (gift)
- Orange flat shoes (Kuala Lumpur)
what do you thing ? tell me your stories today :)

Friday, August 13, 2010

New twitter acount

I have no idea what to do today. But it seems that i and my family are going to watch movie this afternoon. I'll tell you what i am wearing later . :)

But, i jist made a twitter account! my friends told me to make it. haha. so, please follow my twitter @claudiiaa22. be my first follower! :) and i promise i'll follow you back :D thx. have a nice day.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

not so importat :D

i got the 2nd rank at English course! yayy. Actually, it sounds not important :D i just wanna share it. hehehe :)