Saturday, August 14, 2010

Knick-Knacks with family

well, as i've promised, now i'm gonna tell you my activity today. I went to mall with my family. And we watched a very very amazing action movies, The Expendables. It's so good, the effects, story and the guns. AMAZING!! you should watch it!

Well, now, what i was wearing today :)
- Orange Tank top (FO bandung)
- Black hotpants (ITC mangga dua)
- Whie cardigan
- Accesories (all from Bali)
- Cream shoulder bag (gift)
- Orange flat shoes (Kuala Lumpur)
what do you thing ? tell me your stories today :)


  1. That sounds wonderful ^_^
    today I have to work XD so that's not that interesting :)

    Lovely pictures and outfit, I definitely love the shoes!


  2. heyy isabella , how are you ? long time no post... i miss . hehe . aww, you wore nice shoes there . great post!

    hmm... inget kamu jadi inget award yg dulu kamu kasih yaa, inget gaa? OMG aku lupa belom posting award ituu. I'm so sorry! tapi aku janji deh ntar next post aku posting . maap banget yaa isabella syg . beneran lupaaa >,<

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    thank you . have a great weekend ;)

  4. like your cardi too. You are from the other side of the world. wow, sounds cool.

  5. hellow
    thanks for coming in my blog
    i followed u anyway

  6. oh wow. haven't watched the movie yet :D
    but i will soon.
    lovely outfit.

  7. hello there, salam kenal :)
    thx for following my blog, i'll following your blog
    nice shoes by the way..

  8. love your shoes.. thanks for the comment :)

  9. love the cardi and glasses!

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  10. Nice shoes :)

    xoxo lala

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