Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Vanessa Hudgens' style

Hi there. I'm soo sorry i haven't make a new post for a long time :( I don't have time and my week was busy with test, lessons, bla bla bla. Fortunately, now it's holiday time !!! woohoo :D

Actually, i have prepared many outfits of my own . But, i don't have the usb data to transfer the photos from my phone to the computer. Let's wait 'till Monday, and i'll post it :)
Now, let's check a girl that have a really nice style .. Vanessa Hudgens !

It's the same bag, but totally different when you choose different outfits ! love this .

Sandals on maxi, nice :)

Studded always eyecatching

Casual chic with glasses

Plated and colourful always match !
She's stylish, isn't she ? Let me know your opinion by leaving comments :) Have a good day !!


  1. vanessa always look so good, and she has a hot bf too haha

  2. she looks always so good love the picture

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  4. Her pink skirt is my favorite! I actually have that picture saved on my files because I'd love to have my dressmaker make that :D

    -Gayle from

  5. SUCH great style! Love the pink skirt.


  6. Vanessa looks gorgeous all the time! She carries herself really well. I also like the way she styles her curls. :)

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  7. I used to like Ashley's style, too
    I even tried to find the skirt in the last photo, and I got similar one with different pattern

    Your blog is nice
    I'm following you :)

    P.S feel free to visit and follow me *hope*


  8. cool blog!
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  9. yup, she is. she always look great