Monday, July 5, 2010

1st award

1. Why you use your blog tittle for your blog?
"Cloudy Day" is based on my real name, Claudia. And, i just love cloudy day. It isn't so hot like a sunny day, and noy raining either. lol

2. Why do you love blogging?
Because i can show myself without fear and i'm just boring with other links like facebook :)

3. Who's your favorite blogger?
i luv all the bloggers. I just can't choose one of them. at least for now . haha

4. Did you know why I named this award Ninja
Blog Award?
because you're like Ninjas, but you're not fighting but blogging and make everybody impressed

5. Copy this award and tag for 3 other amazing blogger.
belongs to : Maria, Sisca, Dian

So, thats my 1st award. It was awarded by my bestfriend, Eugenia. Thank you soo much dear! :) And she also taught me how to take this award. That took a while. haha. a big thanks genn !!


  1. woww, congrats! and thanks dear 4 the award !
    i'll post it as soon as possible on my blog (:

  2. congratulation girls :)

    i just found ur blog,
    visit mine ?

    check my new post,

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