Thursday, July 8, 2010

holiday at Lombok - Bali

me- at Kuta Beach. Barong shirt, Volcom hot pants, white bangels

jessica-me-vanessa. Relaxing at Kuta Beach

Kevin-mom-jessica-me-vanessa-eva. At Lombok.

Sunset at Lombok. Isn't it beautiful? To pity, at Bali we couldn't see the sunset coz' it was covered by the clouds. T.T

Dad-Eva-Vanessa-Jessica-Mom-Uncle-Grandpa-Kevin-Grandma-Me. we were at Beach at Lombok. Unfortunately i forget what's the name of that beach :D

Me-Vanessa-Eva-Jessica. We were wearing Lombok's traditional clothes. We wore that and took pictures for FREE ! :)

Jess-Me-Van-Eva-Kevin. At Senggigi Beach-Lombok. It was right in front of our resort, "Holiday Resort". We were all in our pj's. As usual i wore pink pj's. ^^

Van-Me-Eva-Jess. I was wearing Body Glove T-shirt, black jeans trousers, Crocs shoes, Channel bag, and many bangels. :) This picture was taken by my brother, Kevin. We were at Holiday Resort-where we stayed for 3 nights at Lombok.

so thats my vacation in this summer. At Bali i didn't took many pictures because what we did were just shopping shopping and shopping. haha. what do you thing? please tell me about yours by leaving comment :D


  1. cute photos ^^ thank you for visiting my blog and folling ^6 i'm following bck :) you lopk really cute with bunches too :3

  2. Sure I follow you back. The 1th and the 6th pictures I love the most ^_^


  3. The sunsetpicture is so beautiful! & also your other pictures are adorable :p

    xoxo Khadija

  4. omg I love this kind of moment :D
    sure u had so much fun there!

    CLIFF from